Arthmael, Jatta’s lion-hearted brother, protects her on her journey, and protects himself (with varying success) from her wolf attacks. He also keeps her bouyed with his good humour and dry wit. 

‘Argh... argh... remember me, little sister?’ he pleaded, pinned in her grip as her jaws opened. ‘You’ll regret this later.’

‘You’re a strange one, little sister. But you’re definitely growing on me.’

‘Who else could foul things up so spectacularly, and still survive Jay’s wolf?’

‘My wolf and you... friends, now,' Jatta said. 
He chuckled. ‘Sure, Jay. Bosom buddies.’

‘Jay, I know you can hear me. Some part of you can.’ His voice was soothing, though it trembled too. ‘But not my words, right? Well then... believe me, I appreciate how unpleasant this is for you, and I know sometimes I’ve been... a tad patronising. But I’m trying, and I’m very lucky to have a sister like you. Really. Well, apart from the wolf thing... and the kidnappings... and dragons... and Undead... Anyway, we’re in this together—’ 

Her growl rose into an ugly snarl. 
‘—so please don’t eat me, Jay.’

‘I’m not a good actor,’ he breathed. 
‘What you shall experience no man can act,’ Noriglade whispered to his neck. Her words chilled him more than her breath. 

‘Will I live?’ 

She nodded. ‘But you shall experience what it be to die.’

‘A love bite, it’ll heal.’